Civilization – Justice

by on March 16, 2011

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The soundscape of 2007 was one of a “operatic-disco” in which bass lines were fuzzed and disco-tropes were fizzled out and strung back together. The commercial success of Justice and their album was substantial for its label, Ed Banger Records, when, in 2007, the Justice remix of Simian’s “Never Be Alone” charted well in addition to the Uffie single entitled “Pop The Glock.” The sound of summer 2007 was dominated with the ubiquitous track “D.A.NC.E.” Given its multitude of remixes, samples, and mash-ups, “D.A.N.C.E.” is still seeing play counts today. But all of this may be no more.

Justice is back with a new single. While their sophomore LP is not set for release until April 4, 2011, the track “Civilization” is featured on a current Adidas commercial. As of now, there is no released version without the overwhelming foreground sounds of skateboarding, soccer matches, boxing, Katy Perry rehearsing, Super Bowl cheerleaders, and basketball games. But, for me, that’s just fine considering that I’m listening to a new Justice banger.

The single features an intense buildup and eventual beat drop, which is characteristic of pretty much every house track this side of David Guetta. But the track features a surprisingly unfiltered piano in the back. While this is not necessarily a new feature of dance music, it does play well with the huge synthesizer-power-chord-equivalent that is every-present is any Justice or Justice-produced project. While it is hard to talk about a track having only seen it in an Adidas commercial, I get the feeling that “Civilization” is a harbinger for an April filled with the truth that is Justice.

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