Classics: Dr. Dre-Still D.R.E.

by on April 11, 2011

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I’m not sure how I feel about Dr. Dre. On the one hand, he is one of the most respected and accomplished rappers and producers in hip hop. On the other, he has a line of overpriced headphones and a collaboration with Hewlett-Packard selling computers. Regardless of his recent questionable exploits, Dre has an ear for production and an eye for style that are only rivaled, if at all, by artists that he signed-Eminen, Snoop Dogg, and 50 Cent to name a few. I’d like to take this time to remind you on the classic “Still D.R.E.”

The track serves as an announcement. Proclaiming that Dr. Dre’s still the baddest in the game, “Still D.R.E.” sits on top of a tight-strung, guitar riff. Featuring lyrics like, “Ladies, pay homage, but haters say Dre fell off / How nigga? My last album was “The Chronic” / They want to know if he still got it / They say rap’s changed, they want to know how I feel about it,” the track attacks naysayers and doesn’t skirt around the fact that hip hop changed since Dre’s heyday.

“Still D.R.E.” is boastful and filled with the good doctor’s well-known bravado. Snoop Dogg, his faithful sidekick, holds down the intro, chorus, and outro. The Hype Williams-directed video’s embedded below. Pay close attention to fact that rappers rarely use seat belts. RIP Biggie.

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  1. Erik says:

    of course they don’t use seatbelts, have you ever heard of someone ghost riding the whip with a seatbelt?

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