Curren$y’s New Mixtape

by on April 20, 2011

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Curren$y, the weed-rap expert from New Orleans has released a new mixtape today. Peep the date–of course he would.Covert Coup features some great guests and showcases Curren$y’s flow. The mixtape is a collaboration with producer The Alchemist, from Beverly Hills, who is currently Eminem’s touring DJ. The beats on the album are as lazy and laid-back as Curren$y’s flow–just make sure to invest is a system with some bass to get the full experience. What really makes the mixtape are the guest artists. While Curren$y’s flows are always solid, his laid-back tone fits well against the harsher verses of all his collabs on the mixtape. Check the standout track “Scottie Pippens feat. Freddy Gibbs” for a great guest verse by the Indiana rapper. The beat in “The Type feat. Prodigy” is slow and churning while Curren$y and Prodigy boast about how they “bust these raps like we bust these gats.” Scary stuff.

Download or stream the mixtape HERE.

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