Study Bands: Diamond Rings

by on May 10, 2011

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For everyone here at Midd it’s a tense time of year. But, as everyone knows, finals go a little bit easier with some solid background music. However, not all music is designed to sit in the background without distracting while still remaining interesting. For me, Diamond Rings fits the bill perfectly. While 2010’s album Special Affections isn’t necessarily hot off the press, I feel that it deserves a shout-out over this finals week. John O’Regan, the creative force behind Diamond Rings, hails from Toronto, Canada. He takes the stage alone and recently finished a tour with Robyn.

His synth backed, droned-out songs sit perfectly in the background of a study sesh and his melancholy lyrics fit into the mix well. On “It’s Not My Party” O’Regan straightforwardly sings, “And if you wanna throw a party I can cry tonight / You would cry too if it happened to you right / I keep falling in and out of love with you / I never loved anyone the way I do you.” I don’t know about you, but I can write a paper to that.

Check out the videos for “It’s Not My Party” and “Something Else” embedded below.

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