Leave Me Alone, Mom!

by on September 21, 2011

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So, I guess I should start off this post with a disclosure: I’m good friends with two members of this band.  However, if I has stumbled upon their EP on my own, I would still be writing this post.  Based out of Oberlin College–Leave Me Alone, Mom brings a fresh face to the scene of “Surf Punk.”  With tracks entitled “Beat Me Up” and “R.I.Pet” it’s easy to get an image of their sound before even downloading it.  They are tough but with a hint of vulnerability.  Self-doubt runs through the album, giving it a feeling of self-loathing reminiscent of Weezer’s Pinkerton.  Despite this, the album still hits hard due to it’s fuzzed out guitars, mottled vocals, and aggressive drumming.

“Pool Boy,”a song featuring a Mrs. Robinson-esque suitor and a sexually inexperienced protagonist, is lofted by self-deprecating lyrics, “Please don’t make me cry / I’ve only kissed one girl before,” as a chorus adds the decisive, “She thought I was someone else.”  This lack of esteem runs throughout the album; on “Creep by TLC,” a woman is quoted as saying, “I’m trying to sleep so stop calling me now / And I try to leave when you’re hanging around / And you’re such a sleaze when I see you in town / So don’t call me / I’m not your f****** girl.”  Heavy stuff.

The EP is free at their bandcamp; stream and download below:

  <p><p><a href=”http://leavemealonemom.bandcamp.com/album/leave-me-alone-mom-ep”>Leave Me Alone, Mom EP by Leave Me Alone, Mom</a></p></p>

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