GRIMES takes over GVB!

by on February 22, 2012

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Hey DJs and blog readers —

Yesterday, underground pop star au moment, Montreal’s Grimes, “took over” esteemed music blog Gorilla vs. Bear all day long. Check out the links, videos, tracks, etc. she posted during the takeover to discover some new music and hear a brand-new track from Grimes herself, entitled “Angel.” That song is available on the bonus-track version of her brand-new, absolutely INCREDIBLE new album, Visions. Follow that link and listen to the album in its entirety if it’s the last thing you do — it’s a keeper to be sure, a fever dream of creepy, trippy, self-described “post-internet,” rigorously anti-nostalgic (thank god) electronic pop that, in true postmodern fashion, is influenced by everyone from Cocteau Twins to Gang Gang Dance to Salem to Mariah Carey to Aphex Twin. It’s not to be missed.

And while we’re on the subject, here’s an interview with her via Pitchfork; here’s “the best thing you’ll read all day” (just do it); here’s a new track by Canadian rapper and music journalist Cadence Weapon that samples/was produced by Grimes via I Guess I’m Floating; and below you can watch a video for her single “Crystal Ball,” off last year’s also excellent Darkbloom EP:

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