Video premiere: Twin Shadow, "Five Seconds"

by on June 19, 2012

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Hey DJs and readers,

Today the sexiest man in indie rock, aka George Lewis Jr., aka Twin Shadow, released the incredible and long-awaited video for “Five Seconds,” the very ’80s-sounding first single from Confess (the upcoming follow-up to Twin Shadow’s amazing 2010 debut LP Forget). The video, evocatively shot by Keith Musil, is seemingly just one part of some greater, postapocalyptic story — dig the fake literary source material and that voiceover intro straight out of a ’50s film noir — although there’s been no indication as of yet of an underlying conceptual narrative for Confess. The end of the video provides us with a muffled (but still enticing!) snippet of what appears to be the album’s next single, entitled “Patient” — hopefully its video will give us more information about the world and characters this clip presents, ’cause I’m pretty into the whole thing….

If sci-fi/fantasy isn’t usually your cup of tea, 1) that sucks since sci-fi/fantasy is obviously the best; and 2) watch the video anyway, because it is also just really badass, what with those creepy crowbar-wielding masked warriors, a few Matrix-style slow-mo stunts, a motorcycle adorned with a dead coyote, and a whoooole lotta well-placed animal print fabric. Check it out below, along with another excellent Twin Shadow video, the Jamie Harley-directed found-footage clip for 2010’s “Castles In The Snow.”

Confess will be released in the U.S. on July 10 on 4AD. (That’s the seriously hot cover art above.)

“Five Seconds”:

“Castles In The Snow”:

…And as a bonus, here’s a 60-second way-too-close-up video of George Lewis, Jr. making out with someone, via Pitchfork.

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