Hear "Full Of Fire," the new single by The Knife

by on January 24, 2013

Posted in: Music, Rock

If you’re a fan of Swedish duo The Knife (Karin Andersson + her brother, Olaf Dreijer) — and, let’s face it, with 2004’s steel-drum-brandishing dancefloor crossover smash “Heartbeats” and one of the best, most stylistically innovative LPs of the 2000s (2006’s Silent Shout) to their name, who isn’t? — then you already know that it requires patience (and a strong stomach). Since the malevolent classic Silent Shout, Andersson released her haunting and brilliant solo debut as Fever Ray and Dreijer’s dabbled in straightforward techno work, but the only thing the siblings have released together was a strange, inaccessible 2010 opera about Charles Darwin (???) called Tomorrow In A Year, a collaborative effort with Planningtorock and Mt. Sims. Then, a few weeks ago (UGH FINALLY), they cryptically announced a new album due in 2013, Shaking The Habitual. The nine-minute first single, “Full Of Fire,” just leaked and holy shit is it awesome or is it awesome? Answer: it is awesome!!!! Thing bangs hard like it’s Joy Division’s “She’s Lost Control” on MDMA. Stereogum has a Youtube of the track right now, click here. Listen quick, it’ll probably get taken down soon, but never fear; if it does disappear, I will update this post as soon as it resurfaces! You won’t want to miss this incredibly talented duo’s big return.

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