Nolan Thompson Interview

by on February 1, 2013

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Nolan Thompson was interviewed after the Bowdoin win, in which he had 19 points (7-13 FG, 5-9 3FG), 4 steals, and held Bryan Hurley to 3 points. If you don’t know Nolan Thompson, this is what he is always like: sincere, selfless, and team-first. We are lucky to have him.

Some quotes from the interview:

Asked about his 19-point effort:
“Team effort… credit Jake and Joey.”

Asked about his lock-down defense:
“It starts with the coaching staff… really a team effort… starts with the coaching staff and I have great guys around me.”

Asked about difficulty of Middlebury having “target on backs”:
“Yeah but so does Williams and Amherst.”

Asked about last season’s end and the coming postseason: 
“You think about that game, you think about that hurt all offseason. You don’t want to feel that again… We’ve all been thinking about it, we’ve all been really focused… We believe in ourselves, we believe in our teammates, our coaching staff, everyone, so we are looking forward to the postseason, but one game at a time.”

Assistant Coach Alex Popp told us once that he has never heard Nolan Thompson make an excuse. Nolan really buys in to what he is saying in this interview. He is the ultimate hard-worker, the ideal teammate.

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