The Dirty Projectors Live (Tonight In Burlington)

by on April 18, 2013

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As you may or may not know, the Dirty Projectors are somewhat of a big deal in the indie music world. Or at least they are in the microcosm that is Lee’s recently refined music world. So when it was announced months ago that they’d be playing at Skidmore College this past Saturday night, I decided to gather the troops and set out on an embarkation of epic proportions, finally fulfilling my raison d’être of watching Dave Longstreth woo the hearts of millions with his eclectic shrieks and grunts. In this case, however, it was the hearts of perplexed, 40-something townies who think they’re still ‘with it’ and those of drooling hipster-wannabes ‘misremembering’ the lyrics of “Stillness is the Move”. But that’s for another blog post.

This aside, the Brooklyn rockers ended up putting on a wonderful show. Even though Dave gave off some creeper vibes, Amber Coffman angelically strummed away at her guitar and sang, bassist Nat Baldwin laid down his signature grooves, and keyboardist Olga Bell stared me down with her seductive smile. Recent jams like “About to Die” and “Dance for You” were played along with classics such as “Useful Chamber” and “Temecula Sunrise.” The DPs impressed me with their composure, experimental sound and breathtaking harmonies (seriously, can somebody tell me how do they do it??). However, perhaps what impressed our Middlebury delegation most was that Delicate Steve’s lead guitarist (D-Steve opened the show) repped our school with his WRMC swag! Actually, though: after their set, we spotted Delicate Steve rocking the recently released WRMC black crewneck sweatshirt, which was pretty sweet.

But really, the Dirty Projects put on a great performance worth seeing for anybody interested in fun, music or leaving events confused (how do they make those noises?). Since I know all of you are fans of the aforementioned, go check them out tonight (Thursday) at Higher Ground in Burlington. Delicate Steve opens again, doors at 8 p.m. It’s bound to be a good time and maybe you’ll even figure out the secret to their elusive sound! Who knows?

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  1. arealdude says:

    one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen. it blew me away

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