Chart Update, 7/2/13: We LUV Lorde (and Disclosure!)

by on July 2, 2013

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Another week, another set of music charts! This week at WRMC has seen some UH-MAY-ZING records come through the station. We finally downloaded our very own station copy of hit records like Disclosure’s Settle and Austra’s Olympia, and the former hit the #1 spot! It wasn’t an easy race this week; as infectious as Disclosure’s bass-centric club jams are, they faced stiff competition from WRMC’s runaway favorite new artist of the year thus far, 16-year-old singer-songwriter and professional badass Lorde. Her debut EP The Love Club is intensely beloved here at the station. Each of its five tracks offers perfect, low-budget but big-attitude electronic pop in the vein of Robyn’s more hip-hop-influenced output. Also making an appearance in the top 10 were several albums that were there last week, as well as Lightning Dust’s new LP Fantasy and Bastille’s Haunt EP, which was released a while ago but has bene gaining steady traction here and become a major favorite of our summer DJs. If you want seriously epic genre-bending rock music, check out Bastille.

Other new additions to the chart include: Avalanche by Quadron, a Rhye-affiliated R&B outfit, and I Thought I Was An Alien, the very weird but mesmerizingly beautiful new full-length by SoKo, a cohort of weird-pop maestro Ariel Pink. There’s also the remastered reissue of the Microphones’ classic 2001 album The Glow, Pt. 2, which you must hear immediately if you haven’t yet and consider yourself an indie rock fan. Deafheaven’s magnificent Sunbather made an appearance despite the station’s usual anti-metal bias, probably ’cause it’s so effing awesome, and Jon Hopkins’s excellent Immunity is the rare electronic record that’s been receiving airplay on rock shows thanks to rave reviews in the mainstream music press such as Pitchfork, which recently named the LP “Best New Music.” Finally, the bottom of the chart sees the WRMC debuts more new albums, We Barbarians’ debut EP Mexico, NY and Edgeland, the solo work of Underworld member Karl Hyde.

View the full Top 30 chart for this week  here. So much good new music this week! And there’s tons of stuff that didn’t make the cut but was as worthy as anything, so be sure to tune into WRMC this week to hear more great new music! Portuguese School goes on the air in one hour….

‘Til next week, then!

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