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by on July 15, 2013

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Spotify Playlist: Paris

Chesapeake –Evenings

You’re walking along the gates of the Jardin des Tuileries, wondering what Catherine de Medicis would have said if she knew churros and cotton candy were being sold at the entrance of her beloved garden. It’s early morning in Paris which means the city has a busy breath as way too attractive young men and women walk past you in business chic attire (and scoff at the state of your unbrushed hair and the holes in your shoes from which your toenails are sticking out of). You walk through the Place Vendome, get onto Rue de la Paix, walk past Louis Vuitton, Chaumet, and Cartier, and totally understand why this street is the most expensive one on french Monopoly. Get to the Opera Garnier. Sit and stare.

Dans le Noir – Dark Rooms

You’re in “the marais”, a neighborhood between the 3rd and 4th arrondissement. The cobblestones are a bit clumsier as they weave through smaller streets. The balcony rims of every window are made of black twisted metal that contrast against the beige buildings. You just got out of work and you feel like you can treat yourself to some people watching as you sit down on a terrace of a café. You grab an elaborate crêpe at “Le Marché des Enfants Rouges”, a fresh foods market in a small alley, which means you will most likely stain whatever you’re wearing. The buzz of this neighborhood makes you forget the gerontocracy that seems to rein France. Late afternoon sun never fails to give the best light to see Paris under.

A House of Many Ghosts – Brothertiger

You find yourself on a terrace again, as you do most of the time in France. This time you’re in the 11th arrondissement that comes alive at night. A long line of bars on Rue Oberkampf and its’ intersecting streets gives you the ability to pick which one has the atmosphere you want. And no need to worry, all of them offer affordable wine. You sit and talk with friends for hours as more and more of them show up when they please. The charming bartender knows your promises of “just one more chair!” around the same little table are empty as the general volume of the conversation gets higher every half hour. You lean back on the wicker chair and make a silent wish for time to stop.

track 5 (crashed) – Ryan Hemsworth

Paris in the early morning hours is a phenomenon. You’re walking home, not caring how long it takes to get there. The same streets that looked so beige during the day now are tinted blue. The light from the street lamps reflects off the cobblestones to create a sparkling sidewalk just for you. You cross the Seine on a small bridge and think that you’ve rarely seen a city seem so peaceful. It’s like walking in a cemetery, ghosts of 18th century revolutionaries, 19th century corset wearers, and home to the 1920s “Années Folles”. It’s melancholic and you’re nostalgic. A light turns on in the long window across the street. You like the fact that you’re not alone.

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