by on October 1, 2013

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Not to be confused with Miley Cyrus’ infamous “Wrecking Ball” video in which she repeatedly makes out with a sledge hammer and rides bareback on a wrecking ball, The So So Glos’ new music video is similar to Miley’s latest cry for attention is in name only.

Hailing from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, The So So Glos are a band of brothers who’ve been playing punk infused rock and roll together since their childhood days in the early 90s. Off their 2013 album, “Blowout“, the song “Wrecking Ball” is a raucous anthem, now accompanied by a gritty and surreal music video in which the band wakes up in Coney Island with zero recollection of their past night.  Upon realizing their van’s been jacked the band embarks on a wild car chase, only to find out from an androgynous car jacker that their bandmate Matt has been kidnapped by an evil sorceror…the adventure continues, overtly fake fighting ensues.  Though the plot is quite preposterous, the extended and building storyline is a nice touch in an era of music videos that rely on explicit and tasteless choreography to generate buzz and for lack of better artistic direction.

So So Glo (noun) as defined by the band themselves:

“1. A post modern narcissist who’s devotion to ones ego surpasses their devotion to any social, political or moral cause. A so so glo is an apathetic, pleasure seeking individual who always looks his/her best. A so so glo usually lives with a feeling of “impending doom” or a sort of apocalyptic nihilism.”

Is Miley Cyrus a so so glo?  You decide.


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