SNEAK PEAK: The Growlers’ Gilded Pleasures

by on November 9, 2013

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Artist: The Growlers
Album: Gilded Pleasures
Label: Everlong
Release Date: November 12th, 2013
Genre: Neo-Psychedelic
Grade: A-
RIYL: Dr. Dog, Ty Segall, 1958 Chevy convertibles, rollies, Endless Summer, and The Cramps

As SoCal as they come, garage rockers The Growlers stay true to their “beach goth” roots on their latest EP, Gilded Pleasures. Drenched in shimmering guitar rifts, tracks like “Humdrum Blues” twist the slick surfer vibes of the Beach Boys into something darker, dance-y-er, and downright chill. Vocalist Brooks Nielson croaks out choruses lamenting the ephemerality of youth and pains of living a “broke-ass life” overtop sweet psychedelic hooks. Written and recorded in just two weeks, Pleasures sounds scrappy, but never sloppy—ideal for toking/joking with a couch-full of your favorite beach bums, or locking lips with the local boardwalk babe. Don’t be surprised if they hit “repeat” when this nine-track tour de force comes to a close.

Essential Tracks: Dogheart II, Humdrum Blues, Nobody Owns You

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  1. thompsonwaite says:

    Nice review. I listened to this EP late last night as I walked through the streets of the lower east side, manhattan. It was a bitterly cold night but the growlers sounds warmed me right up. dogheart II is killer. keep up the great work, thompson

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