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by on February 25, 2014

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Incase you missed my show last Thursday, here’s my current favorite Bollywood tracks! Including hyperlinks (omg!!) and a quick description of what the song’s about and why I like it.
It will becoming increasingly clear that I’m a little bit of a romantic. sari i’m not sari!

Ya Rabba
A sad love ballad about unrequited love. Pay special attention to the beat the song begins with and let relaxation take over.

Pehli Baar Mohabbat
Soft, slow & sensual song about a first love. (aww)

Folksy and fun – describes a magical evening by a beach fire. If you like Mykonos by Fleet Foxes, you’ll lurve this.

A good part of why I love this song is the actor in the video (Vivek Oberoi for the curious cats). The song’s  about how much he loves his girl and just wants her to laugh.

Here, a guy wants to marry a girl. Sweet and simple. Again, totally in love with the hottie from the vid.

Phir Se Ud Chala
On the outside about flying but really about being free. Yeah, I get philosophical.

Sheher Mein
Music rockstar hunts down his old flame and is “in town” (Sheher Mein) – super quirky song but still easy to hum to. If you’re only gonna listen one song, make it this one.

Main Jiyoonga
Upbeat number about livin yo’ life the way you want!

This one’s got what I call a Disney vibe and expresses a need to travel. I suffer from wanderlust and therefore looooooove this song.

Ik Junoon
Filmed during the tomatina festival in Spain (they simply just throw tomatoes on each other). Upbeat and listening to this just makes me feel like a happy tomato.

Balam Pichkari
Ever heard of Holi – the festival of colors in India? If not, watch the video. Listen to the song. We throw paint, colored powder and water on each other, it’s fun I promise.

Subha Hone Na De
A very popular dance number to do with one wild night in da club and a LOT of shots.

Desi Girl
Desi=Indian. What better way to end my show than with a guy singing that he’s seen a lot of foreign girls but “there ain’t nobody like my desi girl”!

Tune in this Thursday (11AM-12PM) for the Remix show featuring Bollywood trap/house/dubstep/&more.

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