The HAIMlich Maneuver

by on March 5, 2014

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Do you know that guy who always seems to fish you out from the crowd in the library? You look like you’re completely into your work and have no breathing room for unnecessary conversation, so you hope that he/she doesn’t approach you, but it’s inevitable. Well, this past week, I was that guy. While I want to issue a formal apology to all those I may have annoyed and distracted, you must understand that I had a higher purpose in mind, to bring magic into your dreary academic landscapes. I was commanded by a force I cannot understand, to bring to you, the new music video by HAIM.

The fact is that I probably watched the video for “If I Could Change Your Mind” at least 600 times, but not without reason. As somewhat of a musical snob (if I can call myself that,ha!), I’m not one for the overly self-aware music video that embellishes a song that also seems far too comfortable with the fact that it’s making some kind of fashion statement for how eclectically rooted it is. The HAIM video is unique in that it seems to do all of this, but I still love it so frikkin’ much! For me, it’s a damn good video of a damn good song performed by a damn good band. The beat is gorgeous in its syncopation, the bass line is just so in-your-face-groovy, and the harmonies and keys take it to another level of fluidity. Directed by Warren Fu, the same brain behind Daft Punk’s Instant Crush and Get Lucky videos, “If I Could Change Your Mind” is brimming with beautiful lighting, from glowing spotlights to alternatively red and white backgrounds to a wicked backdrop with a neon-lit HAIM logo. The dancing though, seems to be the highlight of the show for me; it’s an awesome amalgamation of disco style with pop-band synchronized moves and badass 80s leather-jacket-collar-popping, an appropriate compliment to the song itself, which rings heavy with Fleetwood Mac sounds but also takes on a dance-pop personality of its own.
Is there anything these girls can’t do? They’re beautiful, their hair is incredible, they make solid music, their debut album has skyrocketed, and, man, can they dance.
Catch the video for “If I Could Change Your Mind” below, and revel in the glittering glowing sexiness:


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