SHOW SPOTLIGHT: Helter Skelter

by on March 13, 2014

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To quote St. Vincent’s latest masterpiece; “what’s the point of even sleeping”…when you could be listening to WRMC’s late night programming? There ain’t no rest for the wicked, and there certainly ain’t no rest on Thursday nights for WRMC’s freshest faced radio babes, DJs Surya Tubach ’17.5  and Simon Willig ’17.5.  We checked in with them to talk about their new show, Helter Skelter.

WRMC: What’s the theme of your show?

Our theme is noise: anything that is noisy, chaotic, or abrasive in a good way. (Or maybe in a really bad way? We hope not.) It ends up being a good mix of genres and time periods. Sometimes it’s fast old punk; sometimes it’s slow and fuzzy lo-fi; sometimes it’s upbeat and catchy garage rock. We run around the station and kick things, end the show with awful puns, and just have fun.

WRMC: Who are Helter Skelter’s all-stars? (aka artists you can’t stop/won’t stop playing)

Old punk staples like Sex Pistols, indie classics like Pixies, and noisy new guys like Titus Andronicus. Any Jack White project is usually pretty fair game.

WRMC: How do you guys keep morale high in the wee hours of the morning when loud music isn’t doing the trick?

Super sugary coffee and cold burnt toast.



Ol’ Faithful Throwback:
Surya: “Disorder” by Joy Division; Simon: “Whole Wide World” by Wreckless Eric

Guilty Pleasure:
Surya: “Hysteria” by Muse; Simon: All the Green Day that Surya wants to play on air. I’m ashamed for her.

Best New Track:
Surya: “Foreign 2” by King Krule; Simon: “Low” by Young Fathers


WRMC: You’re dancing alone in your room, slamming on the air guitar, what are you listening to?

 “M+M’s” by Blink 182

Simon: California Uber Alles” by Dead Kennedys

WRMC: What is the most played song in your iTunes library and why?

Surya: & It Was U” by How to Dress Well because I think his voice is beautiful. I like the beat and it gets stuck in my head really easily.

Simon: Trailer Trash” by Modest Mouse because Isaac Brock’s voice and lyrics are ridiculous yet so relatable and meaningful and after he’s done singing about halfway through I just get lost in the layers of the instrumentals. I feel like Brock’s crazy personality comes through and it makes me think about life and I just love it.


You can catch Helter Skelter with Simon & Surya TONIGHT (and every thursday night/friday morning this semester) airing live 1:30-3 am on WRMC.

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