Lefsetz or Rightsetz?

by on March 30, 2014

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Bob Lefsetz is an American music industry analyst and critic, and author of the email newsletter and blog, the Lefsetz letter, not to mention a Midd graduate! In his newsletter he critiques music, the changing tides of the industry and adds in his personal feelings on all sorts of topics, from politics to pets. This blog series will be my responses to his emotionally charged rants on the music industry. I will try to simplify what he says and give my own two cents on the topics being discussed. Enjoy!

My thoughts on “Wu-Tang Album” by Bob Lefsetz

Full Article: http://lefsetz.com/wordpress/index.php/archives/2014/03/27/wu-tang-album/

What Lefsetz is trying to say here is that the music industry hasn’t changed as much as everyone thinks. Talent still rules supreme. And I completely agree. Everyone keeps saying that the only way to make it in the business is to be one of those one hit wonders in the summer so you can get heard and then spread your music. However, one hit wonders, hardly ever have talent and thus never get notoriety. Lefsetz mentions that you need an idea, an idea that has never been done before and one that pushes the limits of the industry. That is why Beyonce’s album did so well and is continuously playing on every radio station and iPod. A secret, visual album, especially from the multi-talented Queen B, was new. Adele, hasn’t released an album in years, but because of her raw, incredible talent, no one has forgotten her.

It’s refreshing to think that the current state of the music business is not what the business will become.

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