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by on October 1, 2014

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did you miss my show on monday 11am-noon? probably. so here’s my playlist y’all. i pinky promise every single one of these songs is a gem. pinky promise.

note: when i say new, i mean 2013-2014. new for me. new in the sense it’s playing on the radio in Bombay. so yes, technically these songs were not released in the last three months but eh.

format = song, album name (yerp, all songs are from movies and people know what a movie a song is from, not the artist. sad, i know. but gotta follow the norms.)

pretty much most of these are chill. the beginning is suitable for a rainy, moody day. transition to happy, sunny day. and then one last one for the party lovahs out there. i see you.

Preet, Khoobsurat
disney co-produced a bollywood movie. not-so-rich girl goes to rich mansion to help man with physiotherapy. girl falls in love for son of man. social and economic class struggle ensues. girl warns one against falling in love in this very, very, very, beautiful track. the instrumentation is innovative and the vocals are breathtaking.

Nahin Woh Samne, It’s Entertainment
man is sad because he cannot believe his love is not in front of him. crooning guaranteed.

Beqasoor, Lekar Hum Deewana Dil
the heart is innocent but yet complicated. it creates trouble! omg!

Teri Baari, Mary Kom
mary kom is based on a real person, obvi also called mary kom.  she’s a 5 time amateur world champion boxer. in between her wins, mary kom had twins but trained that much harder to secure the championship. how awesome is that? i think it’s pretty damn awesome. this song encourages her (and therefore us) to fly and take charge of her destiny. which she does. successfully. if this song is not inspiring, idk what is.

Kinaare, Queen
kinaare means shore. really melodic tune but the whole song basically says we are shores. everything is a shore. shores 4eva. also the instrumental solo halfway through is killer.

Galliyan, Ek Villian
your streets agonise me. not entirely sure what’s happening here but based on the video – girl leaves boy. boy is sad and remembers all the lovely places and STREETS he spent time with girl. also watch the end of the video for some really well choreographed fighting. or not well choreographed. the choice is yours as long as you see for yourself 😉

Aaj Dil Shayrana, Holiday
i know i shouldn’t pick favorites but guys this one is so cute. the heart is melodic because boy is falling in lurve. the vid’s got your typical group dancing and some ridiculous costumes. ooh, also pretty locations.

Maahi Ve, Highway
another love ballad. yes, i like love. deal with it. i’m aware this is not the video of the song but the actress is new and pretty and y’all should enjoy looking at her.

Tera Naam Doon, It’s Entertainment
i’m falling in love and if anyone asks me who, i’ll give yo name. more crooning. if you like colors and romance, watch:

Manwa Laage, Happy New Year
my heart is interested in you. best way to tell your crush you like them. try it! fyi: actor in the vid is possibly the most famous one in bollywood. but i think he’s actually a terrible actor. so does my dad. if you don’t trust me, trust him. he’s wise.

Fanny Re, Finding Fanny
man sends a letter proposing to woman (called Fanny) he loves. no response. 46 years later he discovers the letter was never delivered. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. man along with an dysfunctional people go to find woman. wild goose chase. quoting the trustworthy wiki: “Where would she be after 46 years? Dead? Happily married? Would she even remember him? Or is Stefanie Fernandes merely a figment of Ferdie’s imagination?” i would highly recommend watching the video to see just how crazy the characters. i haven’t watched this movie yet and i want to. if you do too, lmk. xoxo

Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari, Chennai Express
indian geography lesson. kashmir is the extreme north, kanyakumari is extreme south. man says he is kasmir and woman is kanyakumari. we are at opposite ends but that distance doesn’t matter, we are now companions! roadtriiiiiip! more dancing, more gorgeous locations.

Tu Meri, Bang Bang
i had to throw in a dance number. this is what a dj would play at the club. dance yo heart out. mmmmmmm

one of my best playlists to date but i’m biased. listen and love.


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