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by on October 20, 2014

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This week my theme was Bollywood songs and Middlebury scenarios. Hope yall enjoy!

Song – Aaya Tere Dar Par
Scenario – International student that fell in love with Midd and came here! (ya that’s me)

Song – Rabba
Scenario – omg proctor crush, you have such nice eyes, pls look at me

Song – Tu Jaane Na
Scenario – proctor crush I love you but you have no idea, this sucks

Song – Implosive Silence
Scenario – that dinner date or movie date with the one you’re into, you both know you’re into each other but nobody says anything, implosive silence

Song – Subhanallah
Scenario – ugh you just met the perfect partner and you’re falling in love (I’m cringing on the inside a little too, don’t worry)

Song – Yoon Shabnami
Scenario Рfull moon night, gorgeous moon and your fiend wants to do a s̩ance

Song – Iktara
Scenario – a crisp spring night with a bonfire and guitars (interestingly this song is shot in the rain but I associate it with fire! contradictions!)

Song – Jo Bhi Main
Scenario – you’re going on a walk, hike, a trip, wtv and you have an existential crisis

Song – San Sanana
Scenario – you hike up snake mountain, feel the wind and realize you don’t need a man or a woman or anyone really. all you need is you

Song – I Feel Good
Scenario – you hate midd, you’re ready to transfer, you’re so ready to leave but then you meet someone that makes it worth staying. yay~

Song – Ziddi Dil
Scenario – Friday night, you got work but you go out anyway

that’s all I got for this week, tune in Mondays 11am-noon for more!

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