WRMC presents: GROOVEYARD 2014 feat. Big Freedia

by and on October 21, 2014

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With Ron Liebowitz departing our dear college following this academic year, it is widely acknowledged the school will face a staggering drop in twerking. Fear not, Middleburians, for we have just announced that Big Freediaworld record-holding twerkerQueen of Bounce and transcendent being of light will be headlining our annual fall concertGrooveyard, on Friday, November 7 in the Bunker.

Big Freedia is kind of like DJ Mustard if he were a post-gender intergalactic twerking warrior who does battle in New Orleans dance clubs. By that we mean Big Freedia is nothing like DJ Mustard, but that the concert will be an insane experience that has never happened before and may never happen again on this campus. Seriously. This concert is history in the making and you don’t want to miss out. As Freedia once said, “Free your azzzzzz and your mind will follow.

In the spirit of Big Freedia’s credo, WRMC will also host a community discussion regarding how we can be mindful consumers of art and music in our pluralistic society. Join us in addressing the history of New Orleans bounce music, twerking, cultural appropriation within the music industry, preferred pronouns, and the politics of identity. Some of the school’s heavy-weights–students and professors alike–will be there so that, before deciding to twerk for possibly the last time at Midd, Ron Leibowitz can be fully aware of the cultural implications, origins, and forms of institutional power surrounding his booty-shaking. More details to follow! The official facebook event can be found here.

In the mean time, check out more Big Freedia below: 

For inquiries or comments feel free to contact the WRMC Concert Chairs Charlie Dulik and Aaron Slater.

~Free Your Mind~


Cost: $5 (tickets will go on sale a week before show time)

Where: The Bunker

When: Friday, November 7, 9:30 p.m.


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