VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Mitski – “Townie”

by on March 9, 2015

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Mitski‘s Bury Me At Makeout Creek was one of the most heartbreaking and revealing rock records released in 2014. The album received positive attention from critics and WRMC DJs, but got somewhat lost in the end of the year shuffle.  This April, Makeout Creek is getting a well deserved reissue on the esteemed Don Giovanni label, and now album standout “Townie” has a fantastic new animated video as well. According to an email interview with FADER, Mitski said the track is “about being a girl with a feeling like she should be going somewhere, doing something, taking something big for herself, but always ending up just going to the same parties and doing stupid things over and over because that’s the only way she knows how to find release, and the only role she knows how to fill….It’s about being stuck, being impatient, being bored to death, being angry with what you’ve been given, and being young and soft and defiant inside and not knowing what to do with that.” Amen.


valentine’s day is nice but world domination is better.

— mitski (@mitski_) February 14, 2015

sometimes you get home after a long day and see your face in the mirror and just feel so fed up and tired of not being pretty

— mitski (@mitski_) February 4, 2015

 I’m not the girl in your movie I’m the girl in *my* movie

— mitski (@mitski_) February 5, 2015

The video is beautifully animated in shades of pink and pairs pretty perfectly with Mistki’s lyrics. Look out for a pink pyramid, a pink cellphone, a pink pregnancy test, pink tears, pink nipples, pink tweets, pink icing, and Mistki shaving one eyebrow off with a pink razor…among many other captivating visuals.  The video’s fast-paced imagery captures the track’s frantic and independent energy and ends with Mitski Miyawaki’s final declaration–“I wanna be what my body wants me to be”–boldly flashing in neon lights.


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