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Late winter mood swings. Midterms. Moon cycles. The mating season of the European hare. It can only mean one thing:  MARCH MADNESS SEASON. Every March, Div. I basketball teams face off in a tourney and fans  are called upon to fill out brackets with their guesses as to who will win. Here at WRMC, we wanted to celebrate our newfound love for sports by creating a bracket of our own. We’re pairing up 32 of the best new albums from 2015 and YOU, the WRMC-loving public, will decide who brings home the trophy.

NCAA Elite 8: North Carolina Tar Heels v Oklahoma Sooners

TOMORROW, MARCH 17TH, we will release a google form where you will PLACE YOUR VOTES on what albums you think should win ROUND ONE. Voting for Round One will be open until Sunday. We will also release a bracket for you to download. Print it out, fill it out, share it with your friends, hang it on your wall, emblazon it on a shirt, submit it as your thesis. But make sure to VOTE ONLINE. Those are the votes that will count.

We’ve compiled a teaser playlist for your listening pleasure, choosing a top track from each of the artists/albums that are on the bracket.  CHECK BACK TOMORROW to see which teams  artists will be paired together in the competition.

Not to mention Bjork droppin’:


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