Tink Drops New Mixtape Winter’s Diary 3

by on August 3, 2015

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Pictured: Tink, rapper & r&b singer songwriter

Pictured: Tink, rapper & r&b singer songwriter

If you’re still wondering what the song of the summer is, you probably should just come to terms with it not existing or understand that it already exists and you just don’t like it as much as the other participants of summer. If you have chosen to come to terms with the nonexistence and need a place to put all of that unused energy, look no further! Tink, rapper and singer-song writer has dropped a Vermont weather friendly mixtape entitled Winter’s Diary 3 filled with good vibes, sultry vocals and an almost hidden bass throughout the mix (just in time for our return to subzero temperature).

Winter’s Diary 3 is Tink’s sixth mixtape, following 2014’s Winter’s Diary 2clearly good things come in threes. The direction of each track focuses on a darker toned aesthetic and melodic consistency. Tink has been featured on a handful of artists rebranding the sound of R&B in a similar way, from Kelela to Future Brown and it comes as no surprise that she too is further exploring the intricacy of the internet’s digital recording ability. With a first few listens, it is clear that Think is surpassing expectations and developing lyrics worth exploring the romantic, after party feeling, as well as aspects of self evaluation.

Winter’s Diary 3 recreates the night time feeling of overthinking and becoming overly ambitious. The often intense mood in the lyrics is dissolved in layers of synth and a large presence of snare. However, the mixtape often grappled with a reoccurring issue in R&B, that being that the vocals can appear as background of producers. Winter’s Diary 3 allowed Tink’s vocal variation, rapping and singing, a chance to compete and intermingle with her notable collaborators and producers. In collaborating with producers C Sick, DJ Wes, Jelan Abrams and even Timbaland, Tink has relied less heavily on sampling known artists such as Aaliyah.  This new mixtape is a great step in her progression as an artist and a fantastic contribution to the slow jams of mid-summer.

Quick commenters have indicated the mixtape’s ability to give life and to be chill but still lit. So, as you come to terms with the glass of summer being half empty, you are also encouraged to download a silver lining of the near end of summer and stay lit.

Stream and download Winter’s Diary 3 here for free.


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