87 % Piece of the Pie: A Playlist

by on July 4, 2016

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Piece of the Pie.001

After every half hour session of grilled bbq meat, cans of beer, and dripping pieces of fruit, all that’s left is the pie. For what it’s worth, the “old fashioned favorite,” is sweet, warm, comfortable, traditional and friggin’ delicious (one of the three things I can ever actually eat at a cookout). Apple, cherry, blueberry, strawberry-rhubarb locked inside casings of soft crust baked to perfection has led to the demise of suburban wives coalitions across America. (See proof below)

🌟 Let’s call this a metaphor for the  sweet things we can actually have. 🌟

The culture and content for this country is coated in deep metaphors as well as  symbolism and reminders of ideas that are meant to remain and resonate. Red, white and apple pie the reoccurring favorites (sometimes beer). Most of this playlist is filled with screams, complaints, dwellings, desires and wonderings–songs that lead to the inevitable confidence to reveal and express oneself. That’s pretty sweet to me–critique with confidence.

pie pie pie.001

The title of the playlist is a reference to the opening Priests track “USA” (incantations).” Happy Holidays (lol)!

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