I Researched Groupies On The Internet!: A Playlist

by on July 29, 2016

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This is Summer Hathaway: band manager, class factotum, and former groupie, . If you’ve seen the cult classic film ‘School of Rock’ then you already know this. You may also know that is by far the most quotable movie of the century. Anyway, Summer Hathaway, needs to get it together. For too long has the image of the fan girl/groupie/band-aid, what have you, been coded as shameful and indecent by popular culture and Horace Green students like Ms. Hathaway herself. The day after being assigned the role of groupie, Summer, took to the Internet to figure out what exactly a groupie might be. In the scene below she confronts her substitute teacher-lead front man, Mr. Scheeee…Mr. S and well, has a few too many ideas on groupies (including her connotation and inflections). Although the script has it’s own issues, the character Summer embodies the issues full force. Plus, let’s just pretend she’s a real person and not some poor Linklater afterthought on feminism.

Depending on where on the World Wide Web you do your groupie research, you will find everything from passionate fans to a slut shaming mess of the 20th century. There is a conflicting reality of the ‘groupie’ type that causes many impressionable youth, second wave (yikes and sometimes third), man’s-man bloggers to associate it with negative ideas. However, that’s another post/essay in it’s self. For the time being, I have put together a playlist that Summer needs to hear for pure kicks and informative needs on how one should engage in their views of women and female sexuality.

It is because of this scene, that I decided to put together some jams, worthy of Summer’s ears and yours.I’m sure you can easily put two and two together (haha then what ;]) and figure out what it’s all about. Here are some bands that fall into some sort of theme, a mix of lo-fi punk, rock, pop punched surf, and screams. There is certainly room for more, so, please share them with me!



Sidenote: If you have not seen the School of Rock please do yourself a favor and do it before it’s too late.

Brandi Fullwood is a rising senior. She previously hosted a radio show called Of Mixes and Meand another called Lost & Found (co-hosted with Rachael Morris), but is currently away from the mic at NPR Music. Brandi can be found on twitter blasting off her self proclaimed fire #content. She will be General Manager this upcoming year.

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