by on November 8, 2017

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club kid mating calls of the early 2000s

You step down off the doorstep and onto the narrow sidewalk as soon as the sun sets. The sky hovers at a deep blue, and the multicolored lights from street reflect off your heavily bleached hair. You pull the fur-lined hood of your jacket over your head and light a Parliament. With a bottle of cheap vodka tucked into your pocket, you head to your friend’s flat to start the night ahead. As you walk, you slip your headphones over your ears and plug them into your baby blue cd player. This is your playlist:

Maddy Goodhart is a junior currently studying abroad in Madrid (where she loves the city but misses college radio.) She previously hosted a show called Please Return My Wheelbarrow (co-hosted with Walker Stewart). Maddy can be also be found on instagram posting too many pictures of the sky. She will be Programming Director for WRMC this spring.

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