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Hello people who read this blog! I am WRMC’s democratically elected Tech Director Bobo, serving WRMC again for the coming fall and spring. This summer I’m interning in software development in my hometown of Birmingham, trying to soak up as much heat as I can before I have to return to the frozen wastes. In my downtime I shop at whole foods to buy cheap bottles of Merlot and continue to listen to 91.1 FM faithfully because it happens to be the local jazz station. I’m looking forward to being back in the station this fall bringing the auditory hammer down on the good people of Champlain Valley with y’all.

Also I brought some music I have been listening to lately, some new, some old. (this playlist hits the ground running and does not shift gears well, you have been warned):

So in case you didn’t see YBN Nahmir off the XXL freshman list for 2018, he’s from my hometown so I had to give him the up front spot (and he gets two because he is featured on the next song). This is his breakout song and it’s just a solid, like song, or something,  I don’t know I don’t review music. It sounds good.


Hi Bitch, this one’s real fun if you’re not familiar with Bhad Bhabie and has a really good music video if you want to listen to the version without the best verse (Nahmir’s).

Tobi Nwigwe is just an artist that I saw pop up on reddit a while ago and I enjoyed his lyrics, flow, and aesthetic and have been listening to a lot of his stuff lately. Below is the first of his songs that I listened to.

I’ve been listening to biskwiq for like a year, he’s a good blend of electronic and hip-hop, whatever that means. He has another song you should listen to if you like the below, it’s called Skateboard P, check it out.

I apologize Frank Ocean die-hards, below is an ambient remix of Chanel, by some guy I follow on soundcloud called Metahesh. I really vibed with it and it’s been a good late-night driving song for me ever since.

Now the playlist slowly devolves into random hits that I love and loses all coherence of theme or genre. 🙂 Here is a song by Marcioz that I just think is beautiful and makes me feel like a blooming field of flowers.

This is one of the better remixes from a guy called whereisalex on soundcloud, introduced to me by my friend JD who will hopefully be returning to WRMC with me this fall, and an arbitrary cornerstone of this playlist.

At the end of the school year, Frankie Cosmos played in Burlington and some of you might have went, but I also went. I didn’t really know Frankie Cosmos but was totally expecting to enjoy the show. What I wasn’t expecting was for the opener Florist to break my heart with their music and end up being the best part of the night. So like all good things the end of this playlist will leave you crushingly depressed in the end.


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