by on July 24, 2018

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the ability to feel both of these at the same time: independence and longing uncanny—the experience of oneself as a foreign body

summits forecast: in the clouds under cloudy skies

the humid smoke shrouding the mountains

hike 4,000 feet for your commute, stop showering, implore the peaks to grant you clarity, stack rocks day in and day out

come home to the farm: a swinging raspberry in the wind is fourteen times as sweet.

you pee on the ground like anything else

Katie Corrigan ’19 is a SOAN major & radio DJ who’s passionate about textiles, ruby red grapefruit polar seltzer, an ancient ice mummy called Ötzi, the ethics of everything, & conserving the alpine environment on Franconia Ridge! You can find her tending to plants, screaming songs in her beloved Volkswagen Jetta, and generally being a menace in the White Mountain national forest.

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