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Hey there buckaroos, I’m Luisangel/Luis. I’m the Fall and Spring Library Manager– a position I hope to bring to its full glory and potential. I am existing the best I can this summer working as a handyman for a small restaurant chain (which was basically the drudgery that revolves fixing a number of greasy disasters that could befall a restaurant). The summer has been so kind to me as I no longer have to choose between being a Lebron or Lakers fan (playoffs here we come, GSW in 5). In regards to music, summer 2018, and the year in general, has had a ton of fantastic tracks & albums come out so often it became tough to keep up at one point.

Here’s some of my favorite songs from the year so far alongside the image that pops into my head when I think of it:

YG | Big Bank

-Red rubber ball –

100% fun to bump obnoxiously loud in the whip. There’s a certain aspect this song holds that completely charms me. Perhaps, its the candy-like xylophone mixed in with that booming bass on top of easygoing flows. Although YG’s latest effort was underwhelming, coming after his phenomenal classic Still Brazy, but I’m glad this song came out of the disappointing project. The song reminds me of the hopscotch and handball section of my elementary school for some reason.


$UICIDEBOY$ | Either Hated or Ignored

-Robotic dogs howling on top of a cliff against a red, cloudy sky full of lightning-

The beat has a sense of melancholic triumph that’s easy to headbang or casually listen to. I love that flute along with the rough beat. $crim’s verse is good, but the song is elevated to another level with Ruby’s expressive, fast, and tired yet unfinished flow and cadence. He’s sounds HUNGRY on this track.


Otha | One of the Girls

-Both humans and aliens alike dancing in an underground club on Saturn-

Otha creates a spacey, ambient, synth pop? song that is an utter ear worm.  I’ve had it heavy on my rotation over the summer. Otha is an up and coming producer from Norway and they don’t have much of a body of work to explore, but I’m looking forward to their future projects.


Jack Stauber | Dead Weight

-Jack Stauber’s animations-

If my hadn’t disconnected from my Spotify, this song would my top track of all time. Despite listening to this song numerous times a week since it came out, I can’t seem to get tired of Jack Stauber’s lo-fi production and soulful voice.


A$AP Rocky x Tyler the Creator | Potato Salad

-A yellow tulip swaying in the cold wind-

All of Tyler’s 2018 loosies really. I love this song in particular because of the chance of a Rocky x Tyler collab as well as the smooth flows on such a sleepy, dramatic production.

Cinema | Kero Kero Bonito

-A beachball bouncing through London on a cloudy day-

I really dig KKB’s new direction, its a little more raw yet maintains their poppy, light hearted sound though rough around the melancholic edges. Sarah’s voice is as gently melodic as before although with a little less optimistic energy than KKB’s older work. I’m hyped for their next project after hearing TOTEP and wondering how they’ll evolve further as artists.`


Trouble On Central | Buddy

-Looking out the 206 bus passing neon-lit liquor stores and warm glow of streetlights-

I love how this song exudes West Coast with its funky beat and Buddy’s smooth Nate Dogg-esque singing. His debut album, Harlan & Alondra, is a worthwhile listen to but I ended up only putting a few of the songs in my rotation. The album has a better second half but there’s nothing egregious about the beginning.



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