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hey gang ! i’m lucy (she/her) and v v stoked to be a music director duo for the 2018-2019 school year :’) summer highlights include interning at GEMS (girls educational and mentoring services), a non-profit combatting sex trafficking of women in nyc ( for more info, read up! it’s an underrated issue), volunteering for ocasio-cortez’s campaign for congress, studying french in france this july, making a few freelance films, and beginning to record an EP produced by fellow WRMC member Jeff !! png above sums up personal *holy trinity* of mitski, trash n color coordination; list below sums up top 10 fave 2018 releases, even daring2stray beyond my cliché ~angry girl music of the indie rock persuasion~ hellhole niche


  1. beach house – drunk in la

“maybe there’s a screenplay, or a bathroom i can hide / down the hallways of a high school and the dances left behind” // summer ’18 vignette: swirling blue smoke pushes through victoria legrand’s silhouette, long, tousled hair swinging in repeated circular motion, legs firmly planted wide apart below her keyboard. it’s one of only three on-stage instruments, but the trio alone creates a rich, swelling tone in dissonant harmony below legrand’s haunting voice. “drunk in la”’s powerful pulse reverberates within the cathedral venue, its golden walls barely visible through the thick smoke. we’re all spellbound as heck


  1. caroline rose – more of the same

“i go to a friend of a friends party / everyone’s well-dressed with a perfect body / and they all have alternative hair cuts and straight white teeth / but all i see is just more of the same thing” // ever been to the mill? (also, chorus will have you Hooked)


  1. mgmt – tslamp

“i’m wondering where the hours went / as i’m losing consciousness / my sullen face is all aglow / time spent looking at my phone” // too many songs about generic lonesomeness, not enough songs exploring the root of the phenomenon ! speaks to technology’s isolating effect via an unexpectedly gorgeous chord progression richly texturing a captivatingly tragic chorus melody. nice work, boys


  1. u.s. girls – m.a.h.

“as you were the first in life to use those bugs up high / the coward’s weapon of choice” // it’s danceable af, AND its a hot critical take on obama’s presidency,,


  1. car seat headrest – beach life in death

“because it’s not the sadness that hurts you / it’s the brain’s reaction against it” // we love 13 entire minutes of good ole Will Toledo™ existentialist dread, complete w fun time signature change-ups in parallel motion to one (1) volatile interior monologue. whole album’s a successfully revamped re-release of the 2011 autobiographical odyssey through toledo’s freshman year of college (but pro tip: if ur rly into that ~diy aesthetic~, go for the 2011 version!)


  1. parquet courts – freebird II

“first name i called you is not a name at all / more of a duty than a function” // the boys r back! with even more pleasant, listenable classic garage rock jams wrought with nihilism : ) on “wide awake!” alex savage critically examines his surroundings—his family, new york city surroundings, and entire generation—with sharpened wit and matured cynicism. “freebird II” isn’t just a powerful breakup anthem, but details savage’s dillusionment with his mother (yet another good example of a song treating love apart from romantic !)


  1. soccer mommy – scorpio rising

“and i’m just a victim of changing planets / scorpio rising and my parents” // reminds me of rain falling down a car windshield at sunrise, struggling for autonomy between adolescence and adulthood, and hours n hours pouring over the costar app</3


  1. kids see ghosts – free

“i feel freeEEEEEeeee” // dope sampling + its so fun to sing/scream along to


  1. snail mail – pristine

“it just feels like the same party every weekend, doesn’t it / and if you do find someone better i’ll still see you in everything, tomorrow and all the time” // lindsey jordan gives so much of herself on this record, a level of vulnerability and openness seriously admirable for someone so young – barely 19! wh04 :0 tried and failed to sneak a backstage photo w my musical doppelganger, so catch her soon before more seas of pitchfork reviewer bros pounce on this precocious yung guitarist, lyricist, and social commentator !


  1. mitski – a pearl

“it’s just that i fell in love with a war and nobody told me it ended / and it left a pearl in my head and i roll it around every night just to watch it glow” // all hail our queen !!!!!!!!!!! here with yet another power chord driven, cinematic tour-de-force beautifully illustrating our tendencies to obsess (“roll it around every night”) over our distorted, idealized memories (“a pearl” that “[glows]”) formed under the pressure of our catastrophic relationships (“i fell in love with a war”)!


guess what ¡ i’ve got even more. + they’re all in order of key, tempo n plot (? ideally) to make em sorta flow:-) enjoy, i cant wait to work with you all in the coming year!



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