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Hello everybody and potentially nobody! My name is Rayn (she/her) and I’m super excited to get to know you all and be one of your creative directors for the 2018-2019 school year! Because I know you’re all #radioheads and therefore… auditory learners??? I’m gonna try to explain my summer to you through five songs by some kickass ladies.

City Looks Pretty – Courtney Barnett

-Going back to your hometown after an extended period of time is weird and quite frankly, disorienting. While New Smyrna Beach, Florida is far from the urban environment Courtney Barnett describes in City Looks Pretty, the song resonated with me for the way it captures the feeling of homecoming and feeling lost in a place you once knew so well. Like me, the song settles into itself around the half way mark. It switches from the anxious upbeat rocky vibe to something more comfortable, maybe it’s Barnett jamming with old friends or maybe it’s driving past your old high school and not losing your sh**.

How Simple- Hop Along

– I took a mini road trip to South Carolina to go camping. Alas, I forgot my dongle (don’t get me started on dongles) rendering my well curated Spotify playlists utterly useless. The only CD I had in my car was Hop Along’s most recent LP Bark Your Head Off Dog (which I may or may have not “forgotten” to return to the station). Either way I listened to this song about 40 times during the drive and I still love it.

Be Home Soon- Free Cake For Every Creature

– Citrus fruit and blue jeans, this song sounds like leaving work on a summer afternoon (Which it quite literally about). I can picture myself leaving the Surf Shop, where I spent my days enduring groms and tourists alike, with the windows down feeling sleepy and warm.

The Opener- Camp Cope

-Because I live in a cultural void (a bit dramatic, yes, but you get the point… Florida is whack) I only saw one show this summer. However, what I lacked in quantity I more than made up for in quality. Yes, I do mean I saw FREAKING CAMP COPE!!! Great show!!!! I cried along to The Opener, an anthem for the much needed overhaul of the music industry.

Heat Wave- Snail Mail

-You can only stand the sun for so long until you find yourself ambling aimlessly through Target, headphones in Lush on, buying more sheet masks and candles. In Heat Wave, Lindsay Jordan successfully captures the impending monotony of summertime and heartbreak. Luckily, my summer was devoid of heartbreak. I did, however, exist in a constant state of sweat and like Jordan I’m pretty over summer.

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