by on September 8, 2018

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Heylo friends, my name’s Erin and I’ll be one of the creative directors for wrmc this year! I’m soooo stoked to be back on the board makin the magic happen. I’m from Berkeley, California and am a Geography&GSFS major here at midd. Despite being from the west coast, a series of questionable decisions have led me to spend most of my time out here in New England now. I just emerged from the woods after a summer of leading 16 year olds up some mountains and on some bikes on some roads. It was fun and a great escape from the world but means that I’ve been slacking off on staying ~current~ with new music. Given that, I’ve spent the last couple weeks binging new albums and trying to catch up…here are some nice tunes&bops that I’ve been enjoying 🙂 Can’t wait to meet all of u!!

song categories/info:

  • guilty pleasures:

Taste (ft. Offset) by Tyga

  • album shout outs:

Negro Swan by Blood Orange

ocala wick by gobbinjr

  • cute fun summer:

4EVER & Hello? by Clairo

Honey Dew by LION BABE

  • newly introduced to, still exploring:

Oshun by Kaycee Shakur

Biking by Krsraga

  • Nicki Minaj bops:

Chun-Li by Nicki Minaj


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