Playlist: Screw This Country

by on July 4, 2019

Posted in: Music

So yet again it’s the Fourth of July, America’s birthday! The big ol 243… Celebrating this country’s birthday feels if I had a friend who kidnapped my ENTIRE family a long, long time ago and then worked them all to death. Then by coincidence that friend realized that was gonna cost them half of their land so they stopped enslaving my ancestors. But then that friend just started being a GIANT asshole to the people they had just pretended to help. Not to mention this friend was also going into random peoples’ homes and pillaging, stealing and just—this is gonna take too long. Celebrating this country’s birthday feels like have a really, really bad friend who needs to go on trial for crimes against humanity over and over for the rest of their existence. This is a playlist about that “friend.” But it’s also a playlist about that great big beautiful family of mine, and the things about us that make me tear up.

“My fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you, but ask your local congressperson why your country’s military is the biggest contributor to global climate change.”- John F. Kennedy
Content Warning: American Problem by Kevin Abstract for mentions of suicide.

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