MEET EXEC -Luis ’20

by on July 24, 2019

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Yo what’s good it’s Big Homie L/DJ Flywhale/Luis if you’re into that name. I’m going to be one half of the concerts managers (shouts out Caroline) and I’m mad excited to bring some new acts to Middlebury. Too often do we bring white indie boys who play chill indie boy, WRMC-esque music and I want to change that. I’m going to try to bring in smaller, diverse acts (in both artists and style of music) and promote more smaller artists as that should be the role of college radio.

Currently, I’m out here at Middlebury, VT working for Middlebury College as both the summer assistant manager and McCollough Tech. The language school kids annoy me but it’s all good bc I am getting bank. This summer I’m trying to get better at basketball because I got balled up by a 14 year old back in LA and I want to find the lad again and challenge him. I’m also trying to get into Magic: The Gathering so catch me in the game shop embarrassing myself as I lose to anyone I challenge.

I have had so much time to listen to new music because of my wonderful job. It’s great to find tunes I’ve never listened to before that I actually enjoy. It’s too bad I listen to like 20 songs at a time. Here are some of them I hope u enjoy. If u see me around please feel free to talk about ur love for Jack Stauber

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