Meet Exec – Lucy ’21

by on August 9, 2019

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heyo wsup ! im lucy, or lrd as everyone started calling me here. suuper hype to be ur creative director this fall and expand our creative reach to incorporate new voices and mediums!

besides working on a couple music videos, dog walking part time af, and visiting family in norway, ive mostly been interning at terrorbird this summer, one of the main promoters our station works with, and learning more about how the independent music world operates, from going to free shows, observing PR relationships btwn artists/marketers, to writing some of the blurbs on CDs sent to our station all summer! check out crumb, nnena, dorian electra & shikoswe for sure!

ive missed wrmc above all else midd this summer – as creative director, cant wait for poster design, more cute wrmc stickers for ur nalgenes etc 👀more show lighting bc im an obnoxious film major (think more à la green/purple for sepomana), more film department collabs/continuation of our live sesh video series, and after hosting the WRMC Pink™ and thus Secular™ holiday mixtape exchange and red velvet @ the mill more THEMED EVENTS !

btw, just moved into a new sublet for the rest of the summer & held my first official *function* last night, a diy seance/baby shower 😈🌚🌙✨👻🍼🆒( whether spirit or baby, we definitely summoned something (people felt the room temperature change?) and i marked the occasion with some on-brand eclecticism of the indie folk/dream pop/ABBA variety. enjoy these highlights from my housewarming playlist from last night and see u all v soon !!!!!!!!!!

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