by on August 12, 2019

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Hey Y’all! My name is Jose and I’m super excited to be WRMC’s creative director in the spring semester! I’ve been playing around more with my photography this summer by getting my first Pentax film camera and another cool old Polaroid. It’s a hobby of mine that I started over a year ago when I picked up my first camera which was a Canon Rebel t5i and it’s been so much fun getting to experiment with photography and videography. I can’t wait to see the ideas that come up while working with WRMC! I’ve loved their visuals and now I’ve become a part of that process! Aside from my growing camera collection, I’ve been busy working a full-time job at the airport, but I’m trying to make time for some new hobbies like playing the electric guitar. So far I’ve learned like three chords and it’s been super fun, exciting, and refreshing to try something new.

On the music side, I’ve been hit with different waves of music this summer from listening to Daft Punk’s Discovery album for about a week straight to Title Fight’s Hyperview album and even some 80s jpop. I’ve also been hit with some nostalgia waves and have gone back to some old electronic artists that I was really into with my hometown friends like Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, Avicii, and Adventure Club (Oh man was that some phase).

I hope you all stay tuned this year! There is a bunch of cool stuff coming your way and best believe Lucy and I and the rest of WRMC will do our best to make it look amazing!

Enjoy this little snippet of some film I shot earlier this year but didn’t get the chance to develop it!

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