Meet Exec – Liz ‘21.5

by on August 26, 2019

Posted in: exec

Hey! I’m Liz. I’m going to be playing two roles at the station – one as an electronic music genre manager, the other as a [shadow] digital media manager with Caleb this fall.

Here are some things I like. I really like electronic music, as you might’ve guessed. I also really like hip-hop. And jazz. And an endless, ever-evolving stream of other shit. Lately, I’ve just been sifting through old playlists from high school and downloading the soundtracks to movies I like. In fact, it’s the latter that’s probably most important to me – the intersection between music and film. I like making short films. And oftentimes, I find myself making music videos both out of necessity [usually don’t have the proper gear for good audio] and preference. I just think visual recordings hit harder when they’re set to the right beat and vice versa. I hope that while I’m on the board, we can bring more visual media to the station via workshops, contests, and stuff like that. We’ll figure it out as we go!

Lastly, feel free to follow me on Spotify [@lsrulevich] if you want to listen to what I listen to. And enjoy the rest of your summer. Love you. Goodnight. 

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