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by on August 29, 2019

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hello! my name is caleb (but I also go by C) and I am your social media manager for the fall semester. I am a super senior feb-dancer-queer-type A-highly stylized-leo squish ball of a person. I speak (and think) almost exclusively in run on sentences which makes ‘and’ one of my favorite words of all time. I love star trek and spent this summer finishing deep space 9 so if you are also in love with jadzia dax we have a lot to talk about. I also performed professionally(????? ish) for the first time, was the MiddSafe summer advocate for language schools and did my first fast ‘n loose radio show

I am also a leftist and aspiring communist so I spent a lot of this summer thinking about ownership and possession. I read ‘The Dispossesed’ by ursula le guin, where one of the spoken languages, pravic, had no words to describe the state of possessing something else. so for example children don’t have the words for “my” mother there is only “the” mother. so I spent this summer turning that into a concrete, everyday practice

so here are 8 songs I have been jamming to this summer and 8 organizations I have donated to. because redistributing your wealth to people who need it ??? that’s PURAHXIS


Vermont Freedom Bail Fund – Fund availaible to bail out immigrants living in VT held on immigration charges

Vermont Access to Reproductive Freedom – All volunteer, pro-choice organization focusing on direct action toward economic justice and healthcare for all

Assata’s Daughters – Young, black radical organizers based in Chicago’s South Side

Cooperation Jackson – An emerging cooperative network in Jackson, MS

Crossing Waters – Collection of organizers providing direction action in response to the Flint Water Crisis

BLUESTOCKINGS – Collectively owned and volunteer powered bookstore, fair trade café in the Lower East Side

Uptown People’s Law Center – Represents prisoners, tenants, and individuals with disabilities

No New Jails NYC – Grassroots organization committed to prison abolition by way of investing in communities target for carceration

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