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If I give it some thought, I would say I have about 6-8 identifiable crushes cooking right now. They aren’t all big, most are quite small, but they definitely exist. And this semester, I think that is going to feel fun and messy. Which is funny to say, because what that translates to is a million different check in conversations to make sure that all of the five queer people I am in community with on this campus navigating this intimacy with the least possible harm. WHOOOOO SUPER SENIOR SEMESTERRRR, FCK’N SEND IT. SO WILDDDDD.

I made this playlist about some of those crushes generally and the title is my own personal confession. Stereotypical movie boys, sunlight and that* feeling of a cute guy also were in the mix. Maybe one day I’ll make a playlist about the more menial side of all this love, because I really do love it, and couldn’t love the way I do without it.

Last Gen Board (our first of the year, come thru, Mondays at 5pm in the Gamut Room), I got to ask people about who they were crushing on. Here is a list of the other crushes floating around the station, people’s vague descriptions of their crushes in their own words. Maybe they’re talking about you. Maybe it’s time to work up the courage and ask.        ; )

Eyes like a clear sky compliments her warm personality and her soft wavy brown hair

Printed floral skirts and tanks

She stands atop courtrooms mostly carrying nothing but a bible. She is bold. she is noble. She is liberty.

way too Catholic, but it’s hot for some reason

WRMC exec board they all SEXY (Note: yes,, can confirm, we are)

He is punctual

9 hours in your car, thumb circles, Radio head + Pet Shop Boys

Bug eyes

Eyes too close together, Curly dark hair. Small mouth. Uses “fuck” as a filler word. Shorter than he looks. <3

you wave really big and it’s nice

holes in your vintage flowy shirt, sharp collar bones, shy feet in converse

She’s cute

little olive green beanie, the color of your eyes, tote bags, soft music + soft smiles

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