NER Podcast Episode 2: Bib Hicok, Victoria Chang, & C.K. Williams

by on October 23, 2019

Posted in: NER Recordings

Hosted by Kylie Winger, this episode showcases poems by three well-known and much-loved American poets. Read by students from the Middlebury Theatre Department and Oratory Now. Edited by NER intern Juliette Luini.

• “Sweet” by Bob Hicok (NER 37.1), read by Pele Voncujovi
• “Obit—Memory,” “Obit—Music,” and “Obit—Grief” by Victoria Chang (NER 38.3), read by Katie Mayopoulos
• “I Shot a Frog I Shot a Bird” (NER 36.1) by C. K. Williams, read by Will Koch

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