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LCD Soundsystem (and Sleigh Bells!) Playing in Burlington

Do you regret not going to a festival this summer? I was right there with you… Until I found out that LCD Soundsystem is coming to Burlington September 27! Even better – Sleigh Bells is opening for them. These are two of the best reviewed artists this year performing under the same roof in the… Read More

Let’s Be Rill

The year is almost over. Just a few more finals to go. Here is a track to get you through. What You Know Bout Bein’ Rill? – Sleigh Bells x T.I. by Big Burd Big Burd is from my hometown (DYT). Everyone loves Sleigh Bells. And we can’t get enough of T.I. What more could… Read More

Trippy Music Video Tuesdays feat. Born Ruffians

I’ll Say It . Born Ruffians are one of my favorite bands. Which brings me the pleasure to post their video (released today) for their newest single off of their upcoming album, Say It. This was done with a real oscilloscope. For real. Director Jared Raab states “the footage was shot once on video, edited,… Read More

Trippy Music Video Tuesdays feat. Kid Cudi

4/20… Getting Cudder on campus… Trippy Music Video Tuesdays…As you can see this video is super topical. Not only that. It’s awesome. I came across this video randomly when searching for the Pursuit of Happiness video I originally enjoyed. Then I see this other video and am completely shocked by how cool it is. It… Read More


Theo-phil-us don’t pronounce it WRONG!

A New Generation of Remixes

Stop chopping and get melodic. Blowing up on Hype Machine, RAC (Remix Artist Collective) is reclaiming remixing as an art. Above the Fold: Remixing with André Anjos of RAC from Justin Andert on Vimeo.

Trippy Music Video Tuesdays

(I doubt this will be a weekly thing, but it works for today) http://www.myspace.com/putsunglasseson Great song. Great video (they actually perform with that guy dancing in the crowd). Brings me back to an old favorite of mine:

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