Trippy Music Video Tuesdays feat. Kid Cudi

by on April 20, 2010

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4/20… Getting Cudder on campus… Trippy Music Video Tuesdays…
As you can see this video is super topical.

Not only that. It’s awesome.
I came across this video randomly when searching for the Pursuit of Happiness video I originally enjoyed. Then I see this other video and am completely shocked by how cool it is.
It reminds me of something directed by Michel Gondry.
Supposedly Cudi wanted a bit more than a stylistic video of him walking through a party in slow motion and got this guy Megaforce to direct a new video.
I’m going to say it was a pretty good decision.
I mean Ratatat is actually in this one.

For another video directed by Megaforce check this out as well (I dig his style):

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