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10 Songs to Listen to On Repeat

Most songs sound best in groups, surrounded with others that complement them and give them deeper meaning. This is why we have albums, mixed cds, and of course, DJs. Some songs, however, sound best alone, surrounded only by your own spiraling insanity. This is why we have the repeat function. A good song for repeating… Read More


Do We Still Need Music Critics?

Twenty years ago if you wanted to listen to an album you had to go out and actually buy it. Maybe you’d hear one or two songs on the radio or from a friend, but for the most part you were putting your ten bucks on the line. Maybe the record would become a new… Read More


5 Mixtapes From 2013 You Should Know, But Might Not Yet

~Random disclaimer~ This isn’t a “Best Mixtapes 2013,” because there are plenty of those out there. It’s just 5 random tapes that I bang with, that didn’t necessarily get the same coverage as Acid Rap or Run The Jewels type projects.   I$0lyf3 2, by KR: Since getting my show in September, I’ve spent a lot of time on mixtape websites… Read More

Album Review

Innanetape By Vic Mensa

(Artist: Vic Mensa; Album: Innanetape; Released: 30, September 2013; Grade: B+) You might know him from the (now defunct) band Kids These Days, you might know him from his verse on Cocoa Butter Kisses off of Acid Rap and you might not know him at all, but soon enough you’ll know Vic Mensa for what… Read More

Album Review

Album Review: Indigo Meadow by The Black Angels

  Artist: The Black Angels Album: Indigo Meadow Label: Blue Horizon Ventures Release date: 4/2/13 Recommend if you like: The Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, The Black Keys Grade B+/A- Who are The Black Angels? It is an obvious fact that music constantly changes over time. New sounds and new influences rise and fall, and today’s rock… Read More


Three Reasons To Be Excited For Doris, By Earl Sweatshirt

    Let’s be honest, at the rate he’s going, Earl Sweatshirt isn’t really “underground” anymore. Hip-hop heads have been turned and he, along with the rest of the Odd Future crew, command pretty mainstream attention. Chances are, if you’re into rap and you know of OFWGKTA you’re going to buy (or steal) Doris, Earl’s… Read More

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