Three Reasons To Be Excited For Doris, By Earl Sweatshirt

by on March 21, 2013

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Let’s be honest, at the rate he’s going, Earl Sweatshirt isn’t really “underground” anymore. Hip-hop heads have been turned and he, along with the rest of the Odd Future crew, command pretty mainstream attention. Chances are, if you’re into rap and you know of OFWGKTA you’re going to buy (or steal) Doris, Earl’s new album (release date unknown). You’ve probably heard Chum and Woah, and watched the videos at least a dozen times. Well done, you’re doing it right.

If not, don’t worry. If you don’t know Earl, if you have no idea what “OFGWKTA” stands for, or even if you don’t listen to hip-hop much, check out Doris. Here’s why:

1: Earl puts the “ass” in assassin

Earl’s lyrics have a terrific and terrifying blend of clever puns, weird cultural references and straight up aggression. His line about putting the “ass” in assassin sums it up perfectly. He takes the most disturbing and messed up  topics in hip-hop and adds a twisted humor to them, saturating lines about murder and assault with silly and endearing jokes. Not only does his flow sound amazing (and I won’t try to justify that here, just listen for yourself, it’ll be faster), but he is fun to listen to.

2: Doris will have amazing production

The list of guest producers isn’t confirmed yet, but from hints on twitter and surprise guest appearances at shows it is looking like the production credits for Doris will be somewhat of a who’s-who of quality hip-hop. For rap fans and radio-lovers who are tired of generic, club-trumpet heavy Drake-esque rap music (I’m looking at you, Tha Carter IV), Earl promises a refreshing change. Beyond the Odd Future go-to producers (Tyler, Syd, maybe LeftBrain) the album is set to feature The Alchemist, Pharell, BADBADNOTGOOD (word), The Neptunes and Thundercat. Even just based on the two singles that are out now (Chum and Woah) the sound is unique and varied, and the album should have a good range of complex tracks. For those of you who generally don’t listen to hip-hop, this cast of producers may change your mind and broaden your idea of what hip-hop sounds like.

3: Everyone loves a good Bildungsroman

Earl hasn’t made an album since his debut, when he was sixteen. It has been three years, including a year spent at a sort of correctional camp in Samoa, and his music has matured a lot. This past winter he released Chum, a dark and borderline depressing song about, among other things, his relationship with his mom and dad, not fitting in, and being unable to stay out of trouble. At the same time, Woah, released just a week ago, goes back to “that 2010 shit,” with a classic OF sound and a Wolf Haley music video. Doris is shaping up to be a meaningful album, showing Earl’s coming of age misadventures in a mature but fun way. So, if you only buy one hip hop album this year, try Doris. 

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