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Show Review

Festival Retrospective: Levitate

The Marshfield, Massachusetts, Fairgrounds are typically home to country fairs, agricultural exhibitions, and livestock displays, but for the third summer running they’ve been flooded by concertgoers for the Levitate Music and Arts Festival. I made the trek down to the site, about one hour south of Boston, to check out this budding event with a… Read More


Music Videos: Oddities and Curios

Worthwhile music videos can be hard to find. Nowadays, artists like to throw washed-out, sepia tone Instagram filters on mundane footage and call it good. Real ingenuity is missing. Here’s a short list of music videos that are clever and weird enough to demand your attention. Toe Jam – The BPA feat. David Byrne and… Read More


Maine Music (Part 1)

As a resident of the moose-ridden state of Maine, I present to you a list of promising local acts from the 207. Although we’re not known for a burgeoning music scene, there’s plenty of hidden talent throughout the state. Enjoy this choice serving of savory musical delights–like a plate of Chow Maine. Ok, that was… Read More

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