Maine Music (Part 1)

by on March 31, 2014

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As a resident of the moose-ridden state of Maine, I present to you a list of promising local acts from the 207. Although we’re not known for a burgeoning music scene, there’s plenty of hidden talent throughout the state. Enjoy this choice serving of savory musical delights–like a plate of Chow Maine. Ok, that was really bad. Sorry. Anyway, on to the Maine attraction.

Coke Weed

Hailing from Bar Harbor, Coke Weed sounds something like stoned Americana. These guys produce sleepy psychedelic landscapes and proceed to shatter them with gritty guitar riffs. Topping it off, vocalist Nina Donghia croons in a low, throaty voice that recalls Nico of the Velvet Underground.

Captain Hollow

I went to high school in Bangor, Maine with three of Captain Hollow’s four members. They’re all talented musicians in their own right, and together, they create a uniquely dissonant and noisy sound. Their music explores post-harcore and emo while venturing at times into experimental post-rock territory. For fans of At the Drive-In and Cursive.

Phantom Buffalo

Phantom Buffalo plays jangly indie pop that falls somewhere between the British Invasion and the Shins. They’re latest album,¬†Tadaloora, tells the story of a fictional island and the various animals and people that live there. The band manages to create real magic within this whimsical, storybook context.

The Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea performs lengthy post-rock tracks–some clocking in at over fourteen minutes. Their music requires a commitment on the part of the listener, but it is a commitment worth making. Serene acoustic guitar melodies give way to energetic riffs and emotionally-charged vocals. Each song feels like a journey unto itself.

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