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auld lang syne, etc

around here at wrmc things are quite sleepy, since santa is bringing the station a makeover, and is bringing us lots of vinyl to move around come january. i hope that winter break has treated everyone splendidly, and that family has not made everyone completely 100% nuts. so, in the spirit of the end of… Read More

don’t know ourselves well but so what, we know each other

introducing: get to know yr rotation.a weekly profile of a cd that i’m about to stick on rotation and thereby influence freshmen to play on repeat! generally my ego sends out warning signals when a cd that i’ve never heard of crosses my (figurative) desk. clearly if i don’t know it, it must be awful!… Read More

as a music manager next year, i’ll admit something right now because i know there will be criticism coming my way from the wrmc masses. i like rock music. ive heard in my 2 years at wrmc (before going abroad) complaints at the lack of diversity in the music selection. not enough fire-throwing death metal… Read More

monsters having fun, happy happy!

omg omg.first there was my personal #1 crush and middlebury fave andrew bird as dr. stringz.now mega-cutie feist takes on sesame street with a slight adaptation of her mega-hit for the preschool set. in my mind this redeems it post-ipod-commercial-selling-out.i especially like when she says “chickens just back from the shore” because something about that… Read More

lil jon, he always tells the truth

this is my second attempt to post from berlin. while berlin is full of bacchanalia and late night dj sets, i’ve only seen a few local bands play here, and not for lack of trying, but rather for lack of expendable income. my musical memories of berlin have been forged by the few live shows… Read More

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