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as a music manager next year, i’ll admit something right now because i know there will be criticism coming my way from the wrmc masses. i like rock music. ive heard in my 2 years at wrmc (before going abroad) complaints at the lack of diversity in the music selection. not enough fire-throwing death metal or obscure electro-techno. not enough hip hop or gospel. the stereotypes of the average wrmc dj run deep, and i fear i feed into them wholeheartedly with my penchant for built to spill, dinosaur jr. and cat power. i like indie rock. but what i really like, and many can attest to this, is to dance.

my favorite club in berlin to dance around in (and also eat yummy burritos) was called white trash, the upstairs restaurant/bar being called white trash fast food. the upstairs part, decked out in mounted stuffed fish, velvet paintings of elvis, a dozen fish tanks and lots of other random crap, served strong cocktails and the best american food in berlin. the decor was true to form, white trash at its best, the random alterna-country bands were always drunk and the waiters were the dumbest americans in europe. the downstairs section, only open on weekends, was my party.

sure sometimes it was full of 17 year olds and gross ladies old enough to be all their moms (and dressed just as trampy ZING!), but it was usually full of skinny boys with thick glasses and cute girls in h&m. everyone was dancing, everyone was sweaty and chain smoking, and the drinks were about as expensive as anywhere in the city. the music however, was perfect. sometimes it veered into middle school dance territory with nirvana and blur’s song 2, but it was consistently full of jangly dance tunes to get your booty shakin until you sauntered out with a cute expat or the sun came up (or in berlin terms, had been up for a few hours).

my favorite dance party jams are swaggering, ballsy songs that beg you to sing along while you dance around. i thought my inaugural august post should provide you with a few such songs to get your party moving before everyone heads back to college and places their trust in the ipods of the wrmc dj-forces. these are just a few of my faves, and they also happen to have some seriously sick videos attached. check the songs, put them on a playlist and rock the party until we see each other again. you’re welcome.

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