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Meet Exec – Micah ‘21

Hey, radio heads! This is Micah Raymond, your spring programming director. This is my last year on the board, and I’m excited to help with the transition to what will undoubtedly be a chaotic yet wildly interesting year for college radio. I’m currently living with my partner Dylan and metamour Alec (both WRMC alums!) in… Read More

Meet Exec – Micah ’21

Heyo, it’s Micah, your tech director for the fall and J-term. I’m on campus for my second summer in a row (!!), this time working with Rayn and Luis as a McCullough tech for language schools. When I haven’t been cluelessly watching Hebrew school karaoke in Crossroads or putting on ridiculous light schemes for Spanish… Read More


Heyyy I’m Micah, one of your Music Directors for this year! I’m super excited to finally be on the board and share cool new music with all of you guys at WRMC! I’m originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and I miss biscuits very much. I’ve been on campus all summer working at the Knoll and living… Read More

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